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No Longer Orphans


Two lonely girls

Two distant continents.

Two widely dissimilar ways of life.

When twelve-year-old Jessica is orphaned, Aunt Sophia takes her to live in

California. Thrown among people who are too busy for her,

she wonders whether she will ever find a place to belong.

Then her Sunday school teacher invites her to join a trip to the Himalayas

to tell children about Jesus. Jessica doesn't know Jesus,

but she does want to see the Himalayas.

While there, she meets Sarita, a girl her own age who works in the fields

to earn her food. Sarita's life experience is so different from her own

Jessica wonders if they have anything in common.

Yet a surprise friendship grows, and Jessica learns it is not always the

person with an easy life who finds true happiness.


I started writing this story when a friend asked me if I had a book about missionaries for our church children's summer reading program. But although the basis for the story is ministry being done in the Himalayas by friends of mine, I think of it as being the opposite of a missionary story.


Missionaries give up their life in their home country to share the good news about Jesus with people in another country. But what happens when a person who doesn't know Jesus goes and hears the good news overseas?

To answer that challenge I wrote the story of Jessica from America and Sarita from the Himalayas. 



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