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Waiting for Me



Life in Alaska is going to be different than life in California. Alex doesn't think he'll ever get used to the cold, the dark, and the unfriendly kids.


But even before spring comes with its warmer weather and longer hours of daylight, he disovers that this environment abounds in adventures and friendships he would never have encountered back home.


Soon he isn't sure where home is—California with its warm weather and congested cities or Alaska with its miles of undeveloped land and its wealth of wildlife.



Tamsyn's family have each other but Grandma has no one when the world locks down due to the coronavirus.


Unknown to the others, Tamsyn decides to go and stay with Grandma. When Grandma phones Mum to inform her where Tamsyn is, Mum she'll have to stay. If either she or Grandma was carrying the virus, the damage is already done.


Staying with Grandma for a few days is a treat Tamsyn looks forward to every school vacation. But it's different when the visit has no end in sight, and when she has to adjust to online school and to sharing Grandma with a coronavirus refugee.


Gardening Together
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