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Works in Progress

Gardening Together

The Quality of Mercy (working title)

Tamsyn's family in Launceston, England, have each other, but Grandma, living twenty miles away, has no one when the world locks down due to the coronavirus.


Tamsyn decides to sneak away and go to stay with Grandma. When Grandma informs Mum where Tamsyn is, Mum agrees that Tamsyn will have to stay. If either she or Grandma was carrying the virus, the damage is already done.


Staying with Grandma for a few days is a treat Tamsyn looks forward to every school vacation. But it's different when the visit has no end in sight, and Grandma decides she must continue her studies even though school is closed.


When Grandma receives a call for help, and Tamsyn is forced to share Grandma with a coronavirus refugee, she discovers to her surprise that English literature speaks to some of the issues of a worldwide pandemic. 

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