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Alison Cheah
Speaking Truth through Fiction

In a world created by God, it shouldn’t be surprising that he uses many different methods to get our attention.

His Word, the Bible, is the right place to start. If we start anywhere else, we will come unstuck. As sinful men and women, we cannot hope to read the signs of creation without God’s specific guidance teaching us right from wrong.

But when we have aligned ourselves with His Word, we have the tools to help us assess the other voices He uses to speak to us. One that has been helpful to me is literature. Through it, I gain perspective to understand myself and to solve problems I’m facing.

I believe that as C.S. Lewis said,[1] in stories the author can "steal past [the] watchful dragons of stained-glass and Sunday School associations" to direct the reader to a correct feeling "about God or about the sufferings of Christ."

Stories can also be an escape route from trouble, a window into beauty outside my own experience, or an opportunity to revisit a place I have been before.  

I offer you these stories with the prayer that in some way they may meet you in your place of need or desire.


 Soli Deo Gloria.



[1] Sometimes Fairy Stories May Say Best What’s To Be Said

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